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4th Annual Marine Renewable Energy Technical Conference Webinar Agenda

Monday January 7, 2013 (12-1:30PM EST)



Introduction: John Miller, New England MREC

Keynote (Invited)
Robin Wallace, Executive Director, The UK Center for Marine Energy Research

Topic: Wave and Tide Energy Development in UK

Session Chair
Raymond Laoulache, UMass Dartmouth

Improved Efficiency of Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Conversion System
Frank DiBella, Concepts NREC, Inc.

The New UNH High Speed Water Tunnel Cavitation and Hydrofoil Research for MHK Turbines
Ivaylo Nedyalkov, University of New Hampshire, CORE 

The Use of Acoustic Doppler Sensor Arrays in Characterizing Tidal Energy Sites
Duncan R. Sutherland, University of Endinburgh 

Offshore Renewable Energy Economic and Environmental Impact Optimization of Wind Wave Commercial Scale Installation on the West Coast of Ireland
A.J. Posner, University College, Cork Ireland 

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tidal Currents and Power Extraction in Chacao Channel, Chile
Ignacio Sepulveda, University of Valparaiso, Chile

Pre-recorded: Analysis of a Diffuser-Shrouded High-Solidity Vertical Axis Turbine Using Computational Fluid Dynamics 
Prasun Chatterjee, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Tuesday January 8, 2013 (12-1:30PM EST)



Session Chair 
Daniel MacDonald, UMass Dartmouth/SMAST

Bidirectional Ducted Tidal Turbines in Yawed Flow
Clarissa Belloni. University of Oxford, UK 

A Corona Waves Energy Project
Pedro Fernandez, University of Politecnica de Madrid, Spain

Mechanism of Dolphin Movement and its Practical Application
Sergy Goncharenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Experimental Modeling and Initial CFD Analysis of a Compound Annular Wind, Wind/Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine
Johann Sammy, Pivotal Aero Wind Turbines, Inc.

Wave Energy Generation Difficulties Solved by Eco Wave Power
David Leb, Eco Wave Power, Israel 

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