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4th Annual Marine Renewable Energy Technical On-Site Conference Agenda


Thursday - January 10, 2013

8:00 am - Registration, Refreshments 

8:30 am - Welcome John Miller, New England MREC Director
               Raymond Wright, PhD, Dean of the College of Engineering, URI (Invited)

Coffee Breaks, Networking and Posters: Sponsored By Teledyne RDI & Marine and Oceanographic Technology network (MOTN)

Session 1 - Tidal Energy- Chair: Rob Swift PhD, UNH

9:00-10:30 AM

Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter with Integrated INS Accelerometer for Turbulence Measurements on Moving Platforms
Eric Siegel, Nortek, USA

Effect of Shroud on the Performance of Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbines
Mohammad Shahsavarifard, University of Manitoba, Canada

Experimental Evaluation of Mixer Ejector Hydrokinetic Turbine (MEHT)
Matthew Rowell, University of New Hampshire, CORE

The Next Generation Hydrokinetic Turbine
Jeffery King, FloDesign, Inc.

Dynamics of a Surface Platform for Testing Hydrokinetic Turbines
Toby Dewhurst, University of New Hampshire, CORE 

Coffee Break, networking, posters, exhibits
Sponsored by Teledyne RDI & Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN) 

Session 2 - Wave Energy - Chair: Dan MacDonald, PhD, SMAST, UMD

10:45-11:30 AM

Modeling of the Efficiency of a submerged ocean wave energy converter 
Michael MacNicoll, University of Maine

Innovations in Near-Shore Wave Energy Conversion
Cliff Goudey, Resolute Marine Energy Inc.

Small Point Absorber Buoys for Wave Energy Harvesting: An Overview of Design, Numerical Modeling, and Field Testing
Dr. Stephen Grilli, University of Rhode Island 

Session 3 - Modeling of Ocean Energy Devices - Chair: Martin Wosnik, PhD, UNH, CORE

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Computational Simulations of Wave Energy Converters by Solving the Navier -Stokes Equations
Mehdi Raessi, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Modeling Hydrokinetic Turbine Performance
Patrick Karalekas, Northeastern University 

Use of Numerical Modeling to Optimize a New Wave Energy Converter Technology 
Brandon Green, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Session 4 - Offshore Wind Energy - Chair: Amardeep Dhanju, PhD, BOEM

1:30-2:30 PM

Wind, wave, and current observations in the Mass. RFI Area Using High Frequency Radar
Anthony Kirincich, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A Global Support Stucture Optimization Framework for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
Matthew Hall, University of Victoria, Canada 

The axisymmetric turbulent wake with rotation and its affect on offshore wind farm production 
Nathaniel Dufreshne, University of New Hampshire, CORE

Session 5 - Environmental Impacts - Chair: Brian Howes, PhD, SMAST-UMD

2:30-3:45 PM

Baseline characterization of Ichthyoplankton Near a Proposed OTEC  Warm Water Intake in Kauai
Timothy Hogan, Alden Inc.

Listening to Warblers and Whales for Wind and Wave Energy: Bioacoustic Monitoring Strategies to Complement Environmental Risk Assessments for Marine Renewable Energy Projects
Harold A. Cheyne, Cornell University

Renewable Ocean Energy Research Program for North Carolina
Lindsay Dubbs, University of North Carolina Coastal Studies Institute

Assessment of Zooplankton Injury and Mortality from Blade Strikes, Shear Stress, and Exposure to Cavitation Resulting from the Deployment 
David Schlezinger, SMAST, UMass Dartmouth

Coffee break, networking, posters, exhibits
Sponsored by Teledyne RDI & Marine Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN)

Session 6 - Modeling of Ocean Energy Resources - Chair: Raymond Laoulache PHd, UMD

3:15-5:30 PM

Submarine Cable Embedment:  Integrating Suspended Sediment Modeling and Monitoring into the Regulatory Permit Process
Payson R. Whitney/Susan M. Herz, ESS Group, Inc.

A High Resolution Model for the Resource Assessment of Tidal Kinetic Energy and Evaluation of Environmental Impacts (tentative) 
Ara Hakim, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Wave Energy Conversion Methods Applied to Shore Protection
Michael McCormick, United States Naval Academy

Ocean Current Energy Assessment for the Gulf Stream 
Xiufen Yang, Georgia Institute of Technology

5:30 – 7:00 pm - Reception for all Attendees, Sponsored by Rhode Island Economic Development Corp. & Providence/Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau  

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