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The New England MREC is an organization comprised of academia, government agencies, industry, municipalities, public interest groups and concerned individuals. MREC’s focus is to foster the development of ocean based renewable energy (wave, tidal, current and ocean wind). MREC is developing a network of technology developers and energy users who will collectively define the needs of this nascent industry and work to bring together the required technology, capital, infrastructure, human resources to implement ocean renewable energy in the most sustainable manner for the region.

Our Purpose
To foster the Growth of Marine Renewable Energy; Tidal, Wave, Offshore wind and others in New England through research, Development and Demonstration.

Vision – 20/20
MREC’s vision is that by the year 2020, a significant percentage of the electricity used in New England will be provided by ocean renewable energy and this power will be from more than one resource.

The New England Marine Renewable Energy Center (MREC) is an organization that involves all stakeholders (Academic, industry, governmental/regulatory, commercial/recreational users of ocean resources and other public interest groups) to promote the sustainable development of renewable energy in New England ocean waters.

Inherent in the MREC mission are the following objectives:



A world class university research consortium to encourage collaboration, cooperation and education for marine renewable research.



Permanent ocean test sites to facilitate research and demonstration of ocean based renewable technologies.



An industry user group to elicit research needs, and to assist in advocating for public and private development support.



Involvement of regulatory and environmental public interest groups to ensure ocean development standards minimize impact to the ocean ecosystem.



Education and training to support the marine renewable energy industry.

MREC Background
Since its establishment in 2007; MREC has held three conferences to bring all parties together to learn about the different technologies that are being used in other parts of the world, to learn about the policies and planning issues that must be considered to enable these ocean energy systems to operate in state and federal waters; to understand what are the concerns of all stakeholders and to create a foundation on which to build an industry.

View our Events Archive to see agendas and presentations from our annual conferences and other New England MREC events.

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